WARRANTY INFORMATION: Only warranty claims accompanied by the original receipt will be considered. MUST HAVE ORIGINAL RECEIPT. A-Abco reserves the right to deny warranty coverage at their discretion. Only the part purchased is covered. If the part bought does not have a specific warranty stated it will default to a standard 90-day warranty. A-Abco is not responsible for loss of time, fuel, labor, consequential damage, inconvenience, towing expenses, shipping charges, etc. Fluid, gaskets, seals, filters or any other associated items are covered by any warranty. Altering the part in any way immediately voids the warranty. Warranty is non-transferable, Drivetrain parts, unless otherwise noted, including Transmission, Engine, Differential, Transfer Case, Drive Shafts and Axle assemblies, are covered by a 90-day parts exchange warranty To receive warranty benefits, the problem must be diagnosed by an ASE certified technician with certification related to applicable part, or brought in for us to diagnose. The issue must be due to defective part. Any defect due to improper installation, fluid, use, or negligence will not be covered. A-Abco is not responsible for towing, labor, fuel, or loss of time, for any reason. Gaskets, seals, filters, and fluids are not covered under warranty, and issues resulting from not replacing those items will not be covered under warranty. Must use appropriate fluid amount and type. Customer is responsible for proving proper fluid type and amounts were used.

SPECIFIC ENGINE WARRANTY INFORMATION: Engine assemblies are understood to consist of a short block and cylinder head(s) only. These are guaranteed to be free of cracks. Camshafts and other lubricated parts against excessive wear. All factory recommended fluid changes/ service must be met. Documentation of this is required for warranty purposes. Any parts on engine beyond block and cylinder heads are for ease of install and they are not covered by warranty.

Lifetime Exchange Warranty: Applies to certain in stock mechanical and electrical parts. Covers purchased part for (1) one exchange in the event the part has been deemed defective under normal service use. Original receipt is required for warranty coverage. Warranty only involves the exchange of the warranted part. Labor and/or other damages are not covered. If no replacement is available, you will be issued an in-store credit, or in some cases up to A-Abco, refund of original purchase within 30 days from date of purchase. 1 Year Part Only Extended Warranty: Certain parts are eligible for extended warranties. Inquire with your sales person for more information. This warranty has the same terms as the Standard Warranty. Covers the part to be free of defects for 1 year from date of purchase. Must have original receipt, and have been diagnosed by certified mechanic or brought it in for us to diagnose.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty: Certain parts are eligible for extended warranties. This warranty guarantees the part purchased to be free of defects for one year from the date of purchase. In the event a warranty claim is approved the labor coverage is $55 per hour ofthe shop’s labor rate. Labor is paid out based on “book time” for the repair. For example, if the shop charges $90 an hour for labor, this warranty will cover $55 per hour, up to a maximum of $500. Part must be diagnosed to be defective by an ASE certified technician with certification related to applicable part. Printed documentation of processes pertaining to diagnostics and inspection are required for review / approval of any/ all claims. Technician name and current ASE certification number are required also. Exchanges: If an exchange or warranty is approved, and there is a difference in cost, the customer is responsible for that difference How to begin warranty process: Call (763)784 -8890 with receipt, or in person. Must begin warranty process with the part still installed for diagnostic purposes. Customer must receive a “RETURN AUTHORIZATION NUMBER” (RA#) for a representative over the phone prior to returning the item. Write the number down and bring it in when doing the warranty return.

Returns: The part must be returned at the customer’s expense. All returns are subject to a 20% restocking fee. If the part is defective, and A-Abco is unable to exchange the part, a full refund will be issued if within 30 days of original purchase. Store credit will be issued if after 30 days from purchase date. If a replacement part is available, but the customer declines the replacement, the 20% restocking fee will be charged. If part is returned because it is not needed for any reason, it is subject to the 20% restocking fee. Special order parts and Special pull parts: Special order and Special pull parts, or any part not sold from in stock in store, are not returnable nor refundable. Only parts sold from in stock are subject to return. No special order or special pull parts are able to be returned or refunded, for any reason. Electrical Parts: Electrical parts cannot be returned for a refund. Electrical parts are exchange or store credit only. In order to qualify for a refund, you must get the return approved either by phone or in store. You will receive a “Return Authorization Number” which you must have for a return along with original receipt and marked part.

Environmental Fee: This fee is not mandated in direction of, nor forwarded for payment to any governmental agency or authority, rather the environmental fee is a charge that is intended to recover the additional costs of handling hazardous materials. The Environmental fee is required on all orders and is nonrefundable.

Shipping/Delivery: Shipping and delivery fees are nonrefundable. Customer is always responsible for shipping or delivery fees. A-Abco is not liable for shipping or delivery fees for any reason, All shipping parts have a 30-day warranty regardless of generic warranties listed on front of receipt. Deposits: Any deposit left towards a part is valid for 15 days. Full payment of the item must be made within 15 days or the deposit is forfeited and the part restocked. Core Returns: Cores must be complete as sold, must be drained of all fluids, and must be accompanied by original receipt. Any core not drained will be paid 50% of the core amount to cover clean-up/ disposal costs incurred.

All Other Part Warranties: Body parts are sold as is and are nonrefundable. Body parts are including but not limited to; Hoods, Fuel Tank, Doors, Glass, Tailgates, Trunk, Fenders, liners, Bumper, Lights, ECT. If you have an issue with part fitment immediately after purchase, please contact A- Abco to see about an exchange only. TIRES are warrantied against defects for 7 days from date of purchase. WHEELS are warrantied for 7 days from date of purchase. Wheels/rims are guaranteed to be straight. If you believe the rim to be bent, you can exchange it for up to 7 days from the original purchase date. Customers that purchased the 90-day extended warranty are covered for defects and damage from impacts. The extended wheel warranty does not cover Rust, Pitting, Peeling, or Fading. If a replacement wheel is not available, an in-store credit will be issued.