Used Parts

Your Low Priced Used & New Auto Parts Dealer

At A-Abco Auto Parts, we have the largest inventory of used auto and truck parts in the Twin Cities. With over a million domestic and foreign parts in our warehouse and over 100 vehicles coming in weekly, and two locations, we are sure or soon to have the parts you need. Unlike other vehicle recycling yards, we don’t expect our customers to remove parts themselves. Our parts are pre-pulled, and our friendly staff is always ready to assist you even if you are unsure of the exact part you need.

We have new take-offs, new and used tires from insurance totaled vehicles with like-new tread. We also offer a lifetime warranty on most of our parts with some exclusions. Auto parts can be delivered to your door anywhere in the US, picked up in-house, or curbside from one of our 2 locations. If you are wondering what we have in stock, give us a call or start your search and purchase your part online. 

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Buying from us is Easy

  • Great Warranties
  • Cheaper Price
  • Purchase Online
  • Curbside and/or In-House Pick-up
  • Nationwide Shipping
  • Local Delivery

Our Process Begins Where the Life of a Vehicle Ends.

When a car is damaged, unwanted, or old A-Abco steps in and takes it off the road.  We accept and salvage cars in almost any condition; we put it through a detailed process to determine what parts are worth saving before sending it off to be recycled back into its raw materials. The parts we save are tested before being removed, then taken apart, cleaned and put through rigorous quality assurance testing to verify durability and accuracy before entering our database of auto and truck parts. 

We Help the Environment

Manufacturing auto and truck parts uses energy, which leads to greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere. Every person who buys their parts brand new contributes to that process. However, investing in recycled auto and truck parts spares the planet of unnecessary greenhouse gases. Our method of cleaning and testing existing parts uses only a small fraction of the energy needed to produce a brand-new part. If you are as concerned for the environment as we are, buy from us and always look for recycled auto and truck parts when it’s time for repairs. 

We deliver daily to the entire metro area call at 763-784-8890 to have your part delivered!