tiresWe have thousands of tires in all sizes! Please contact a sales representative today to see what we have in stock for your size! You can do so by calling our main line at 763-784-8890, or you may speak with one of our Live Chat representatives.

In addition to providing great tires at low prices, we also offer tire services:

  • Tire Mount without Balance Off the Vehicle


  • Tire Mount with Balance Off the Vehicle


  • Tire Mount with Balance On the Vehicle


  • Tire Disposal


  • Valve Stem Replacement (On or Off the Vehicle)


  • Tire Plug / Patch


  • Tire Rotation (per Tire)


  • Tire Dismount from Wheel



** All tire service is performed on a first-come, first-serve basis. Make sure to call for tire service hours as they vary per day.

A-Abco Auto Parts does not take liability from the following:

  • A-Abco is not responsible for broken lug bolts. A-Abco will replace at an hourly rate which will be determined if the customer wishes/.
  • A-Abco is not responsible for damage to aftermarket rims. A-Abco will service and mount aftermarket rims but is not responsible for any damage or scratches on the aftermarket rim.

A-Abco employees cannot drive a customer’s vehicles due to a liability standpoint.

Stop back within 24 hours after your install and we will double check your air pressure for you. If not, then be sure to do it yourself.

If you have aluminum rims be sure to recheck your lug nuts after 25-35 miles. It is common for them to loosen after install. After you re-tighten once, they should be fine until the next install.