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The Fender

The fender on a car is located at the front on either side, and at the back on either side. The wheels are located immediately behind in the case of the front fenders, and immediately in front of the rear fenders. In other English-speaking countries, notably the United Kingdom, the fender is known as the wing. Fenders are made of sheet metal and usually molded in smooth lines that complement the overall car design.

The front fender begins where the front door hinges and runs towards the front of the vehicle, terminating just before the bumper. The rear fender begins where the back doors lock and runs towards the back of the vehicle, terminating just before the bumper. The front fender meets with the edges of the hood and usually encases the headlight assembly, as well as the front sidelights and indicator lights. The rear fender meets the edges of the trunk and can encase the rear lights, rear indicator lights and possibly the reversing lights.

The fender, whether it is the front or rear, houses the wheel and tire assembly of a vehicle. Fenders are usually of a size that will allow non-standard wheel and tire sizes to be fitted, usually larger sizes than the normal stock. A well-designed fender will help to protect the wheel and tire assembly from the excesses of mud and wet, thereby reducing the effects of rust.

Because the front bumper usually takes the brunt of the impact in collisions, it can often be pushed back into the fender, bending the metal where the two collide. This is why the front bumper is sometimes called a “fender bender.”

Custom-fit fenders are often available for many makes of vehicle. They are usually of a more stylish design, rather than being more protective, or more durable. Fender trims, fender flares, chrome fender trim, fender skirts, custom fenders, stainless steel fender trim, and many other types of fender parts are available to be fitted on most cars.

Used auto and truck parts stores, such as this one – Abco Fridley Used Auto Parts – keep a supply of used fenders for a wide variety of makes and models, even foreign vehicles too. This is an especially cost-effective way of obtaining a replacement fender, or even a custom fender, for your car. All used parts are checked and tested and are sold as good as, if not better than, new.

Fenders are usually made from sheet metal steel, but can be made from a number of other materials. Fiberglass is a popular material for fenders in some makes of car. Plastics have also been used, as well as carbon fiber. The advantage of using these non-ferrous materials is that they do not rust. They also weigh much less, allowing a sleeker car design. However, they can sustain damage more readily, but repairs are relatively easy to carry out if the damage is not too extensive. The majority of fenders, however, continue to be made from metal as that offers the best protection in the event of a collision.

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