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About Recycled Auto and Truck Auto Body Parts

Autos and trucks have a life. When that life is over, as far as being a useful vehicle on the road is concerned, it’s time for businesses like Abco Fridley Auto Parts to step in and salvage what’s left. And believe me, there’s always plenty left that have a good long working life ahead. Just because the vehicle as a whole has come to the end of the road, doesn’t mean the body parts can’t be re-used again.

Auto and truck body parts is a loose term that covers a whole lot of widely differing components, all doing quite different jobs. The muffler keeps the sound of exploding gases within the engine block as quiet as possible, while the chrome bumper does little more really than just look good. But each has its job to do, and only if the auto and truck body parts are in perfect condition can they be expected to give the best performance possible.

When you consider that just one model and make of auto or truck has dozens of individual parts, and then you consider that there are dozens of makes, and dozens of models for every make, you get the sense of how many auto and truck body parts may be required at any one time. There’s no way of knowing for certain what our customers will ask for, though there are trends that can be relied on to some extent.

Take mufflers, for example. How many different types of mufflers do you think is needed for say, Ford cars? Well, you would need to know how many different models there are currently in use on the roads – and that would be for just one manufacturer. When you add up all the different car manufacturers, plus all the different models, then that’s a whole lot of unique mufflers. And that’s just one of the many auto and truck body parts.

We have a vast database of auto and truck body parts. Every vehicle we salvage has its parts treated the same way. The damaged parts are all sent off to be recycled into their raw materials. They will probably end up being car parts again some day. The good parts, or at least the salvageable parts, are taken apart, cleaned up and rigorously tested to make certain that they are up to the job. Those that pass the tests will wind up in our database of auto and truck body parts.

Let me ask you a question. Are you concerned about global warming and the need to conserve the planet’s resources? Even if you are not particularly concerned, I’m sure you will see the sense in what I am about to tell you. Manufacturing auto and truck body parts uses energy, which often means that greenhouse gases are being pumped out into the atmosphere. When you invest in brand new parts, you are also investing in a bit of the process that produced that part.

On the other hand, when you invest in used auto and truck body parts, you are saving the planet from the unnecessary expulsion of extra greenhouse gases. The process of cleaning up and testing existing parts uses a tiny fraction of the energy needed to produce the part from scratch. So, if you, like thousands of other honest citizens, feel that our planet needs a break, look for used auto and truck parts every time.

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